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Sanding Belts

Uneeda offers one of the widest range of wide and narrow sanding belts for the woodworking and metalworking industries today. Due to the extensive complexity of dimensions, sizes and materials, please contact us so we can provide you with a custom quote for most wide and narrow belts. Please fill out the form HERE to get in touch with us.

Constructed with aluminum oxide grain and a X-weight cloth, poly cotton blend backing, Uneeda's belts will provide you with excellent durability and finish, and are used for sanding hardwood, softwood and veneer. The coarser grits are best suited for stock removal, and the finer grits are ideal for finishing of raw wood. 

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Sanding Belt 3 x 21 Grit #40 Cloth
Sanding Belt 3 x 24 Grit #40 Cloth
Sanding Belt 4 x 24 Grit #40 Cloth